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January Sound Studio is a renowned professional recording studio
serving the Dallas & DFW area with a full suite of
music recording and audio recording studio services.

Digital & Analog Recording
in a Reference-quality Environment.

Digital/Analog Recording • Audition/Scholarship Recordings • Format Transfers

The longest running recording facility in North Texas.

Sadly, we are now closed for business.

Looking for the best of the best recording studios in Dallas? January Sound Studio is a music recording studio that is a legendary name in the history of Texas recording. When you select January Sound Studio as your music recording studio, you’ll be working in a legendary room with eminent recording professionals like lead engineer Tye Robison. We have a 40-year history among recording studios in Dallas TX, and have recorded both world-renowned artists and up-and-comers. We offer complete services for those seeking a professional recording studio, particularly 24-track audio tape recording, vintage microphones, and a host of classic outboard gear, in an elite audio Dallas recording studio featuring a control room and recording space designed by the celebrated Tom Hidley from Westlake Audio. Among recording studios in Dallas, there is no equal to January Sound Studio.