Room Design

The Control Room & Recording Space at January Sound Studio were designed by legendary acoustician Tom Hidley from Westlake Audio.

Featured Equipment

MCI JH-536D, Vintage Analog Recording Console
McIntosh/TAD Monitoring System
ProTools HDX Recording & Editing
Vintage Neumann & AKG Microphones
Baldwin 7ft Concert Grand Piano
Rhodes & Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Hammond M3 Organ & Leslie 122 Cabinet

Monitoring Systems

Main monitor system is a soffit-mounted Westlake/Sierra design by Tom Hidley:
-TAD speaker components
-White Instruments ParaMedic (room EQ/crossover)
-(2) McIntosh MC-2300 (amplifier)

Yamaha NS-10M monitors
Urei/JBL 4411 monitors
Bryston 3B (near-field amp)
(2) Yamaha 2200 (cue amps)
(2) Dorrough Loudness Meter
Headphones by AKG & Sennheiser
Hearback Digital Cue System


Baldwin S10 7ft. Concert Grand Piano
Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie 122 Cabinet
Rhodes Electric Piano ("Suitcase 73")
Wurlitzer 100 Electric Piano
Yamaha S90 Controller Keyboard
Marshall 1960BV 4x12 Cabinet
Electro-Harmonix "BIG MUFF"
Whirlwind A/B Switch
SWR "Workingman's Fifteen" Bass Amplifier
A. Zildjian cymbals-various
K. Zildjian cymbals-various

Analog Dynamics Processing

UREI Teletronix LA-3A
UREI 1176 LN
(2) UREI LA-4
(2) Valley People Dyna-Mite
Manley "Vari-Mu"
(2) DBX 165A
(4) DBX 904

Analog Effects Processing

Lexicon 224
Lexicon PrimeTime
Master Room XL-305
Eventide Harmonizer H949
Yamaha SPX-1000
Yamaha SPX-90
Aphex Aural Exciter
Alesis Quadraverb

Microphone Pre-Amps

API 3124 (4 ch.)
Seventh Circle Audio N72 (Neve Kit, 4 ch.)
Bellari RP520 (tube, 2 ch.)
John Hardy (2 ch.)

Selected Microphones

Neumann U47 fet
(2)Neumann U87
Royer R-121
(2)Coles 4038
(2)AKG C414 EB
(2)AKG C451 EB
(2)AKG C535 EB
AKG D112
(3)Sennheiser 421
Shure SM7b
(4)Shure B56
(4)Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Omnicraft OM924


Apogee Rosetta 200 AD/DA Converter
Radial X-Amp (2 channel re-amping device)
Radial SGI (guitar routing device)
(2) BSS AR-133 (active DI boxes)
Yamaha PX-3 Linear-Tracking Phonograph
Shure Custom-Modified Phono Pre-Amp
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT Machine
Alesis 32 Track ADAT System
Denon DN-T620 CD/Cassette Deck

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