A Legendary Name In
Texas Music & Recording

With A Proud History Of Recording
Legends, As Well As New Talent

January Sound Studio is a renowned
professional recording studio serving the
Dallas & DFW area with a full suite of music
recording and audio recording studio services.

Studio Highlights

Designed by renowned acousticians Westlake Audio/Tom Hidley.

MCI JH-536D,
Vintage Analog Recording Console.

7-foot Concert Grand Piano, plus Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Leslie.

Vintage Neumann
& AKG Microphones.

Home of 'Live From January Sound', a famous live radio show in the 70s & 80s.

Digital & Analog Recording
in a Reference-quality Environment.

Digital/Analog Recording • Audition/Scholarship Recordings • Format Transfers

The longest running recording facility in North Texas.

Looking to create something special?
We've got you covered, with a wide
range of digital and analog equipment
and instruments, to a control room
and recording space designed
by the legendary Tom Hidley from
Westlake Audio.

To book studio time
(by appointment only),
to schedule a tour,
or for questions about
January Sound Studio...

Looking for the best of the best recording studios in Dallas/Ft. Worth? January Sound Studio is a music recording studio that is a legendary name in the history of Texas recording. When you select January Sound Studio as your music recording studio, you’ll be working in a legendary room with eminent recording professionals like lead engineer Tye Robison. We have a 40-year history among recording studios in Dallas TX, and have recorded both world-renowned artists and up-and-comers. We offer complete services for those seeking a professional recording studio, particularly 24-track audio tape recording, vintage microphones, and a host of classic outboard gear, in an elite DFW audio recording studio featuring a control room and recording space designed by the celebrated Tom Hidley from Westlake Audio. Among recording studios in DFW, there is no equal to January Sound Studio.