Some Early History

John E. Smoke
by Butthole Surfers

In the 1980s, January Sound was the first facility in Texas to offer digital multi-track recording, and this was one of the first digitally recorded albums in Texas.

Mortal Kombat: Original Soundtrack
“Goodbye” by Gravity Kills

Based on a development deal, this band worked on their sound and songs at the studio during a time in the 90s when the studio was called Graffiti Productions. The producer was eventually scrubbed from the credits over a dispute with the label.

Mama Help Me
by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Some of the pre-production and basic tracks were recorded at January, although the studio was not credited in the liner notes. The band had already worked extensively at the studio.

by The Buck Pets

Aurora (Full Album)
by Aurora

Classic Prog Rock

Ice Ice Baby
by Vanilla Ice

This album was worked on in a few different studios, but much of the work was done in rooms in our facility by various producers.

Live Better Electrically
by Nitzinger

Classic Texas Guitarist


Mom and Dad’s Waltz
by Willie Nelson

This album was mostly recorded at the OLD January facility on Fitzhugh Avenue. Until recently, we still retained a copy of the master tapes.

Do You Feel Like We Do
by Peter Frampton

This is one of the most famous of the KZEW “Live From January Sound” broadcasts, from the old Fitzhugh location. He became a hit in the USA because of this appearance. (This was a dress rehearsal for his famous “Frampton Comes Alive” album)

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