Digital & Analog Recording in a Legendary, Reference-quality Environment.

Versatile recording room allows for "live" recording of Bands, Rhythm Section, Basic Tracks.

Also specializing in Drums, Vocals, and Real Analog Keyboards.

Audition/Scholarship Recordings for students who need to provide a live performance with video.

High-Resolution Vinyl Record transfer and restoration.

Format Transfers: DAT, ADAT, Cassette, Mini-Cassette, Mini-Disk, CD, 1/4" Tape, VHS.



We offer the best vinyl transfer service in North Texas, featuring a custom modified linear-tracking turntable, custom built pre-amplifier, and high-quality A to D converters. Every record is carefully washed before transfer, then placed into new archival sleeves. Audio cleanup & restoration available if needed.

Reel-To-Reel Tape

Call us for your analog tape transfer needs. If we can't do it with our high-quality, well-maintained machines, we will try to make a referral.

Cassette Tape

We use high-quality converters and careful preparation to get the best quality cassette transfer we can. We will take the time to transplant the tape into a new shell if necessary.


We still have high-quality digital tape machines to make transfers. We can read ADAT BRC data and transfer 32 tracks of ADAT at a time.

Compact Disc

We still LOVE CDs!! We will put anything on CD, or pull anything off CD. In a world where people are turning their backs on the lowly CD format, we still care about high quality CD authoring, mastering, and ripping. Today's vinyl resurgence is tomorrow's CD renaissance.

Scholarship / Audition Recordings

We offer a full-service platform for student recordings, scholarship recordings, audition recordings, tryouts, etc. More and more schools are requiring a video to go along with the audio (to prevent cheating), and we now offer this. Our Baldwin 7ft Concert Grand Piano, and impressive-looking studio backdrop will impress the judges and compliment the hard work and preparation you have put in!

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